X-Terminator Motorcycle Drag Race Team

NAST Top Fuel SuperTwin

National Association of Super Twins RACE DATES for 2003

May 3rd to May 5th - Excitment Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway

June 14th to June 15th - Power Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway

June 28th to June 29th - SPRC Summer Nationals at Santa Pod Raceway

August 23rd to August 25th - All-Star Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway

September 27th to September 28th - National Championship Finals at Sata Pod Raceway

 Waiting to run X-Terminator At the Speed Freak Ball at Santa Pod

Well the first race meeting of 2003 went with a bang, I won but broke the motor on the final run. I am having to replace the crankcases as they have split across the drive side main bearing! Pictures are available in the gallery or go to the Race Report Page for a report on the weekend.

With the new crankcases the bottom end of the motor will be all new as over the winter I have replaced the crankshaft, con rods, pistons, output shock absorber and all bearings and seals. I have also a new carbon fibre nose cone cursity of F& R Glass Fibre (Telephone 01924 454388).

Email to "djwitts@djwitts.demon.co.uk"


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